Leave Him Wanting More

For those of you who have found some success in luring your ex boyfriend back, yet still cannot close the deal, you may not be playing your cards right.

Most people get excited when they start to see their ex show some interest in them. They become confident and forget about how much work it took to get back in his radar. They may even tell their friends that things are getting better. It is this comfort level that can set you back a couple of notches.

If you were able to get your ex talking to you again, or better yet, talking about you again, then you need to capitalize on every opportunity to "sell yourself". Keep bringing up the positive things and be content with your status. It will take a while to hit reach the point where you can dictate the next move. So how can you keep building up to full-blown romance? The best way is to leave him wanting more.

Don't present yourself as a sure thing. Once things start improving, work on changing the roles so that he thinks that it is him who needs to get you back. This can be done through flirting and subtle moves of playing hard to get. Keep him close, but don't let him "win" until he has committed to you. You have gotten past the hard part, which was getting him back in your life. Now you need to flip the script and make him meet you the rest of the way!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting these topics, save me from buying books, my bf wants me back and your advice is a invaluable tool for helping people like me to get it right!! Jade, uk.