When Will Your Ex Boyfriend Come Back?

It is easy to let impatience get the better of you after being dumped. Your ego has taken a hit and you desperately need answers to all of the questions he left you with. Why did this happen? Was it your fault? Will he ever talk to you again?

This strong need for validation comes from all of the confusion a breakup creates. There is much stress in your life, and getting answers makes you feel more secure…even if they are not the ones you want. Unfortunately, pressuring your ex boyfriend with questions about your breakup will not help your cause. Many guys will run away if they feel trapped, so your best bet is to let the healing come naturally.

How long will it take for your ex to come around? Most of it depends on why they left and how long you were together. If he dumped you because you were cheating then you might have to wait for him to have his own fling before he feels comfortable enough to talk with you. Generally, the longer your relationship lasted the less time it takes to approach each other. If you have only dated a couple weeks, then it may very well be over for good.

There are things you can do to help him come back faster. Give him some space for starters so that he has time to think about everything. Always be positive when you are around him or his friends. You don't want to play the role of "Debbie Downer" because no one wants to hang out with a loser. Don't be afraid to show up at the same social functions. This is your best chance to make a move. Start by being friendly and gently remind him of how good things can be when you are together ;)

Perhaps the most important point to keep in mind is that your ex will come back when he is ready. Trying to pressure him into a decision will undoubtedly backfire. If you simply can't wait for him to make up his own mind then you should at least make him think it was his idea. This is not always easy but it can be done. First you need to get him to talk to you again and then you can turn up the romance. The key is to keep him wanting more, but never giving in until he makes his move.

Patience may not be easy to come by after a break up. However, if you can hold back your emotions and entice your ex to make a move, you will get him back faster than you ever thought possible.


Tanay said...

To get your boyfriend back, you will need to stay away from him for awhile. Let him cool off and begin to miss you. During this time you are going to remake yourself. Get some new clothes and a complete salon make over. You want to get as near to the woman you were when you first met him. Whatever you need to do to accomplish this - do it.

sarahh said...

how long will it take for my ex to want to talk to me again?

He broke up with me 5 days ago, after 15 months by text with no explaination. The last time i saw him in person, we were so happy.

When will he talk to me again?